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America Fundraisers, Inc's goal is to raise ten million dollars through donation, and horse activities.
America Fundraisers began their "Ride America" projects in 2008 in which Phil and Patty rode their two stallions from Hagerman, Idaho to Richmond, Virginia. In 2009, Phil took his riding horse and a pack mule and traveled in a 2000 mile circle from Hagerman, Idaho to Nevada, the corner of California, Oregon, Washington, northern Idaho, Montana, then back home to Hagerman. 2010 Ride America is an epic 7500 mile pack trip in which Phil is taking a riding horse and two pack horses to travel north to south, then east to west before returning home in late 2011.


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Horse Trails for Organ Transplants

America Fundraisers saw a need. The need was American Children with long term illnesses; Those children waiting on an organ transplant(s). America Fundraisers Incorporated was created by a horse trainer Phil Dawson.

AA Welding metallurgy, BS Business, AA-Ag Mgmt., MB Ed(Business Education).

This is why all of the fundraising that America Fundraisers Inc. does incorporates the use of horses. America Fundraisers is a non profit corporation, a 501(c)(3).

Phil believes in Children, America, and Horses. Children are the future of America. But not all Children in America are lucky enough to experience even the smallest joys that other American Children take for granted. In this world there are people that will do anything to help those children who are not so lucky. America Fundraisers, Inc. is made up of those people. As we reach our goal of ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00), American families will be able to apply to America Fundraisers, Inc. for medical funding.

Each year America Fundraisers, Inc. picks a new fundraising project. 2008s project started at Billingsley Creek State Park in Hagerman, Idaho and ended at Pocahontas State Park, just south of Richmond, Virginia. America Fundraisers, Inc. rode cross country horse back to raise donations for American Children in need of organ transplant(s). We encourage Veterans, Horse owners, Horse lovers, and all of those with children in the family, to support America Fundraisers. They rode Jet and Billy through 12 (twelve) states. Donate to America Fundraisers, Inc. to help American Children needing an organ transplant.

America Fundraisers, Inc. helps with your donation. A dollar, $2.00, or more is appreciated. The corporation helps those kids by helping with medical expenses that are incurred during the long term of their illness. Don't give up. Support.

On the web site, you will find pictures that helped us document the ride across the twelve states in 2008. On a recipe page, Kirt Martins recipes from his book "Cooking on the Wild Side". Kirt is a third generation chef. A 1993 graduate from the Le Cordon Blue Paris Cooking School as a Certified French Chef. Kirt now resides in the Scenic Hagerman Valley.
Patty Dawson is the resident computer web person and Jet's rider. She has developed a web page for the children. This page has activities that can be printed off for children of different ages to do. We encourage the kids to get on the web and track us.

Phil Dawson, CEO

A note from Phil Dawson, CEO

I think people feel they need to give a lot of money to this cause, because they have big hearts, they want to give. We're not asking for a lot of money from anyone, $2.00. If you wanted to give $2.00/month you could set that up through your bank. We know that times are hard, fuel prices, food prices are up and businesses aren't giving pay raises. This is a way you can help American faimilies, who are less fortunate, with their childs medical needs. Feel good about giving your $2.00 and know that it's going to help an American child.

Thanks for your donation.