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America Fundraisers saw a need. The need was American Children with long term illnesses; Those child­ren waiting on an organ transplant(s). America Fundraisers Incorporated was created by horse trainer Phil Dawson.AA Welding metallurgy, BS Business, AA-Ag Mgmt., MB Ed(Business Education). This is why all of the fundraising that America Fundraisers Inc. does incorporates the use of horses. America Fundraisers is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation.


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Please consider donating to America Fundraisers, Inc. as any payment you feel would be appropriate. There are nearly 900 children below the age of 10 years of age in the United States that are waiting on an organ transplant. The costs of organ transplants vary for many reasons and the cost for one year can range from $226,400. for a single kidney transplant to $980,500. for a liver-pancreas-intestine trnasplant. The most common transplants in children are heart, liver, and intestine.


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