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Buhl, ID

Dr John Sfingi, DVM

Appaloosa Horse Club

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Welcome to America Fundraisers

America Fundraisers is a small fundraising group that is interested in raising funds to help American Children who are suffering from long term illnesses such as lupus, congenital heart disease or any other illness with the major focus being on those children dealing with organ transplant needs.

The group is made up of individuals that are using the skills they have learned over a life time to help others. Our goal is to encourage all horse lovers, nature lovers, travelers, and families to help support the children in our country that spend the biggest percent of their lives visiting doctors and doctor offices. They seldom get the opportunity to appreciate the things that most of us take for granted.

We find that different groups like to do different things but the one thing they all like is to do them with horses. Now getting groups to do something specifically for a fundraiser takes more time and effort and so does not always go as well as one would like. However, if a group would add but one activity for America Fundraisers, Inc. then all could benefit. This year, to make it simple, keep costs down, and make it enjoyable for all involved, we are encouraging groups to add a stick horse race to their list of events during their horse related activity. They can make the rules, set the age limit and time limit and see how it goes. If your group would like to host such an event for America Fundraisers, Inc. please contact us at PO Box 53, Hagerman, ID 83332 or email me