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America Fundraisers, Inc's goal is to raise ten million dollars through donation, and horse activities.
This year, 2009, Phil rode solo with his mare and pack mule. This gave others the opportunity to meet up with him and ride a short distance with the "Ride America" project.


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We have been asked many times, "How did you decide which route to take?" We found, as did the settlers in the 1800s, that there were limitations to our choice of route. We had six months in which to complete a trip of 3000 miles. We'd be leaving May 1st, which leaves the chance of snow in some areas, flooding in others, and unpredictable weather at all times. We did set out with a map book, and even though it was not set in stone, we tried to stay pretty close to it.

Why do you continue these rides?

We wish to help families with children, here in our United States. We are using the knowledge that we have acquired throughout our lifetime to do this. We are proud of our country, our children, and our horses. In 2008, we crossed the "Red Skelton" bridge outside of Vincennes, Indiana. Vincennes was still recovering from flooding earlier that year in June but we were treated with true American hospitality. Just the other day, we received this video clip about the Pledge of Allegience, I hope you enjoy it.