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You can track Phil by clicking on the date below. The map generated by the SPOT gps unit will come up and pinpoint where he sent his message from.

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Follow Phil's progress as he takes his three horses on this epic record setting 7500 mile pack ride!


The logs (Phil's Journal), have not been received yet so I do not have a lot to put here to update other than, Phil is in Colorado. He left out of Baggs, Wyoming and stopped in Craig, CO. From there he went to Hamilton, by county or forest roads. Chip scraped her leg while there but he then went on to Meeker, CO. He sat down a few days there to give Chip a rest, put shoes on the front of Pepper and while there, he met a young man who wanted to learn a little more about cues while riding. They had a roping and horse show go on at the same time as his stay. He is now enroute to Rifle, CO.


Baggs, Wyoming is located on the Little Snake River. It has forest to the east and desert to the west with the history of the nation going through it. The Pony Express reenactment riders pass through here on their trek east. Two years ago we met a couple of the riders that rode a portion of the trail as they rode through Kansas. Marysville, KS has the only Pony Express station that is open to the public. You must check out the Baggs, Wy website.

Craig, Colorado

Craig, Colorado is just to the west of Steamboat Springs and has a very pleasant atmosphere. Craigs website tells you alot about what to do around Craig at this time. I haven't found a history site for Craig as of yet but one of the things I would like to tell you about Craig is the unique playground eqipment they have in one of their city parks. I don't have any information about it yet but I was much amazed at the log carvings they had in their park and the children were having a grand time climbing all over them.

Hamilton, Colorado

Found a little more history, for all you history buffs. Hamilton, Colorado used to be part of Kansas in the late 1800's. There was a post office established July 26 1860 and operated until 1861. Hamilton was actually a mining camp in 1860.

Meeker, Colorado

Meeker, Colorado is named after Nathan C. Meeker, who worked for Horace Greeley on the New York Tribune. We ran across the name of Horace Greeley in Newton, Kansas on our trip to Virginia in 2008. Newton, KS has an old stage stop in which their "claim to fame" was that Horace Greeley-the man who said "go west young man, go west" reportedly had stopped, on his trek west. We find that Meeker and Horace started a utopian colony in what is now known as Greeley, CO. Meeker is located in the White River Valley of western Colorado. You should check out their website when you get the opportunity.

Rifle, Colorado

The picture of the horses standing at the rail was taken by Jen Sanborn, a photographer in Rifle, CO, while Phil was doing his laundry before heading out. Rifle was getting ready for their fair and I read where Micheal Martin Murphy will be doing a stop there for a concert in a couple of weeks.

Silt, Colorado

When I first went to the website for the community of Silt, Colorado, I was disappointed that it did not have more history with it. However, after exploring the links attached to it, I found that there was quite a bit of information with the attached links. The Little Bookcliffs, west of Silt have wild horses, while Glenwood Canyon has it's own modern day history. I felt both were worth checking out so I've provided the link to Silt, Colorados' website so that you could check out what I learned.

Collbran, CO

Phil made it into Collbran, CO already! Nearly 30 miles today and will be sat down a couple days while he puts shoes on. Collbran, CO is mostly ranching but you can read for yourself about this wonderful spot in Colorado. Just click here to visit their pages.

Phil will be joined by a local man on his ride from Collbran to Mesa, Colorado. They will be riding onto the "Grand Mesa, the largest mesa in the world that covers about 500 square miles with the highest elevation being about 11,237 feet (Crater Peak) and hosting over 300 lakes.

OOPS! Aug. 10th

Phil is sending me his logs, sounds like they had a rodeo and will be starting at a bit later date.

August 17th

Phil has made it to Cimarron, CO! I was thinking, oh good, now I can post something "western" like about the Cimarron trail but nooooo.....the Cimarron trail was Kansas stuff. Cimarron, Colorado is totally different. It is near the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad that goes through that gorge area with steep cliffs on one side and deep drop offs on the other. I believe the Durango-Silverton trip is a very popular train ride. Just imagine what you see by horseback! I found this interesting website that has some pictures of the early days.

Lake City, Colorado

Phil is staying at the sheriffs' home. He is going into "bear" country and some really rough areas right now. He is planning his next leg of his journey with the sheriff who is also involved with search and rescue in that area. Phil will be sending a daily "SPOT" signal so if one is not received, the sheriff will be contacted and a search can be initiated right away and, the sheriff will have a good idea where to start looking as he is assisting Phil with his route of travel.

I read up a little bit on Lake City and found out that not only is it where Alferd Packer was jailed in 1874 but it is the crossroads to the Alpine Loop National Scenic Backcountry Byway and Silver Thread National Scenic and Historic Byway.

I知 setting here at Vaughn and Vikkis this week. We池e going to take one of his three year olds and do some training. We池e going to take this three year old gelding he has and I知 going to get him in the saddle this week, I hope. We値l see what happens.
I spent the last day with the Appaloosa horse club, Vaughn and I had a good time. Every body is getting ready to go on the Chief Joseph ride. Met a lot of people. I saw an old friend, Dave Rustavaugh, a veterinarian in Lewiston, Idaho. He helped me last year when Pepper got cut and he was there within 10 minutes. I sure appreciate him. I知 going to send him an autographed picture. I met several other people and the Appaloosa Horse club is going to be talking to their entire group this year-250 people. Those that donate $20.00, I値l send them an autographed picture. If anybody else would like to do that then send in your check to America Fundraisers, Inc. PO Box 53 Hagerman, Idaho 83332 and we will send you one of the two pictures, either from 2008 a black and white of Phil and Apache Double Twice, 釘illy, or a color picture of Phil, Apache Gold Chip, 鼎hip and Copper Penny. Every year we choose an outstanding picture and autograph it. The black and white of Phil and Billy is an outstanding picture taken by Brandi Nichols, a freelance photographer in Indiana. The second picture is a color picture taken as Phil, Chip and Copper Penny were going over Lolo Pass on the Lewis and Clark Trail toward Missoula, MT. We値l send those to you in an 8x10, a very nice farmable picture.
I知 at Vaughn and Vikkis right now, getting my packs together and balanced up and we値l be back on the road.

July 21st
Last night Pepper got spooked. We came into the fairgrounds and I had the horses lined out and the sprinklers came on and it must have scared Pepper pretty good because she broke her hobble. I went out today, and was able to find a hobble. I have laundry to do yet. The coffee was good, and the chili and bread was good.
I値l be going by the KRAI radio station for an interview in Craig, Colorado. The interview went well. In fact, Mike remembers us from us from two years ago when we went through the first time in 2008.
Your never know where things are going o go, Carlee wrote a very good article in Craig, CO and then an article came out in Steamboat Springs.
I was coming out of Craig, CO and Turner pulled up and asked me where I was going and I told him near Hamilton and he said, well I live in Hamilton, come over to my place and you can stay in a teepee. I told him I壇 see him about dinner time, it壇 be about 6:00 o団lock. So I came down, found his place. His mailbox is a kayak that stands on end with the mailbox in the drivers seat-you can稚 miss it!
July 21st thru July 24th
I got up to leave the next day and Chip got wound around a tree and she fought it and scraped her leg so it has postponed my stay here, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. Very nice people. What we did we had the three horses here for two days then moved all three next door. Two, Lane and Pepper out in the field and Chip in a stall where I can doctor her for her scrapes. I left Wednesday, I知 really fighting fall. Chip was lined out last year and this year and has never fought it before. The boys and girls club in Craig would like to have me come and talk to them so that will give Chip a rest as well. I am starting to call Appaloosa horse breeders to see if I can find an alternate riding horse. I have talked to the fairgrounds in Meeker, Colorado and they can put me up, however it is fair time. I知 running behind schedule, I知 trying to reach Texas before the cold.
I have reached Meeker, Colorado. I知 continuing to run antibiotics on Chip so that she does not damage it more. I致e gone into town and a young man in high school wanted to learn to ride and he has come out to the fair grounds and ridden Pepper. The newspaper was out and interviewed me.
Today is the 29th; the co op donated 3 bales of hay. I値l lead Chip out on Monday. Chips leg is looking better; I値l continue putting topical ointment on it. I haven稚 been able to buy a horse-not too many Appaloosa horse breeders around here. I may ride into town and get a hair cut.
It was a late start out for Meeker. I have Chip packed lighter and Lane packed heavier. We致e stopped and are cooling off. Pepper is trying to work too hard. I知 letting them cool down, Chips leg is looking good and Lane just keeps on keeping on. It痴 been threatening to rain all day-it rained a little last night. I put the mannies on top-ready for rain if needed.
I finally found a place to camp. Aspens, rain, and the tent set up. I have no phone; I値l read, eat a bit and go to bed.
It is Monday morning. I have two white tail deer in full velvet about a hundred yards away. Lane is lying down, unconcerned, while the others are checking things out. I知 getting ready to take things down and balance up the packs. I think I値l leave those mannies up on the packs because it still looks like rain. It can just come up and rain faster than anything.
I just met Jim Lureecher, he just gave me water. Thank you Jim.
I finally found a spot, a state park, they told me to go on in, it was closed but the horses are lined out in tall grass and they didn稚 have much of a break today. I致e got a can of beans and I have a bit of bread left to go with it. I believe it is Monday evening.
It has been raining this afternoon, probably the last three hours. Not very hard, it let up enough for me to get the horses lined out, the tent up and that works.
I don稚 know exactly who I met today, Samuel B Potter, president of the west divide water conservation district. A very nice guy, stopped and gave me some water, he had seen me earlier in the day and he thought he might see me again. We sat and talked, then it started to rain so he went on with his trip, he was taking some machinery in to get fixed and I continued on and camped out on the hill that night. It drizzled a little bit, then I continued on to Meeker. They致e set me up at the rodeo grounds, underneath the grandstand. The speaker above us, it looked as though it was going to rain so I set the tent out and put the horses in panels. I got up the next day and it痴 going to rain again. It痴 the season in Colorado. I went over to the laundry mat and did my laundry. The paper did an interview. I had the packs set out on the pavement so I threw a mannie over the packs. As soon as I got my laundry done, I went down highway 6 to Silt, Co. There were semis, and all kinds of equipment going by, it was only seven or eight miles but it was a tough run. Everyone was wound up. As I got there, and came into town, I was stopped by a man. I don稚 remember his name. He had seen me as I came out of Craig, CO, and had leased a piece of property and I sat down on that piece of property in Silt with a 92 year old man, hell of a gentleman; I知 going to call him Bill, he brought me out coffee in the morning, very nice old boy. This is the kind of people that I like to meet.
From there, I went up over the hill, over the mesa, and came down 15 miles later and met Joe and his girlfriend and I slept out in their side yard and lined the boy and girls out in their yard. They had a horse over the fence. Very nice young people; she痴 a bookkeeper and he builds metal buildings-very nice people. From there, I took off in the morning and came back up on the mesa and came down into Collbran. As I came into Collbran, I met Mark and his wife Cathy. They were going up in their jeep, saw and asked me what I was doing and then offered me a place to stay. Very nice place and good people.
Mark was going to ride with me a couple of days and we got all loaded up and took off on a Monday and down the road about a half mile where there is a lama ranch. His horse acted up and he pulled the rein and his bit broke in half and the horse went to buck, on the pavement into my pack string. It excited Double Pepper and she went to run to get out of the way and she went up and over and when she came down she hit her eye on the pavement. She went to get up but with shoes and pavement, she went down on her knees, and we池e down. The vet was out, it took six stitches for her eye and the bill was over $400.oo. Mark took care of the bill, however, across the nation, the vets have donated their services, this is a first. We appreciate what Mark has done, we池e changing the wraps on the knee and giving her antibiotics and the swelling is going down around her eye. I知 looking at saddling Pepper and leading her and packing Chip and Lane.
I went to the store, it has poured down rain, I知 pretty wet, I知 having chicken and rice and a candy bar for desert. One of the horses stepped down when I was working on their feet and stepped on the buckle of my spur and tore it so I have to get it fixed. I went to the vet to pick up some medications and he gave me a name . I called him and he picked me up about noon. I had ridden Chip down town and parked her in a little concrete driveway by the post office. The leather man had picked me up and taken me to his place while he fixed my spur strap. Mean while, it had started pouring down rain and blowing-it is monsoon season in Colorado. Where Chip was tied, a limb had blown down and she was stretched to the end of her lead. It took two of us to move that limb so that she could have room to move. I rode her home. I put a set of shoes on Marks horse and rode him into town to get my hair cut He痴 tied at the post office. The barber donated the hair cut, I really appreciate that. I値l give the horse a little time to settle down and then head back to the house. I値l send in the logs before I head out and this is the 14th of August.


If anyone would like a copy of any of the pictures we take on the trip, please send in a request with a $20.00 donation to cover expenses.

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