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You can track Phil by clicking on the date below. The map generated by the SPOT gps unit will come up and pinpoint where he sent his message from.

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I know these pictures were taken anywhere from Meeker, Co to Darby, Texas. If anyone can help me identify the location these pictures were taken, your help would be appreciated. I do not, at present, have phone contact with Phil so I am depending on the rest of you out there to help me out. I believe they were taken closer to Meeker, CO than any place south because of the area and the fact that some of the pictures I received also showed pictures of Chip with a wrap on her leg. Now it is Pepper that is needing to rest. Thanks so much.

Follow Phil's progress as he takes his three horses on this epic record setting 7500 mile pack ride!


The logs (Phil's Journal), from Colorado have arrived! It's like I'm back in te 1800's! I do not get updated material nearly as often as I think I should and when it does get here, I usually have talked to Phil on the phone so it is old news but then again, it is new because it is his naration of what has happened. Phil is in Red River, NM tonight and plans on going to Eagles Nest and hwy 89.

Once again I'll resort to history of the area to add interest to Phil's logs. I find that by looking up information from the past of an area leads to present history of that same area. Red River, once again, started as a mining town and still has buildings that are on the National Rigister of Historic Places. Sometime I would like to compare mining in these western towns to the mining in the eastern states and see which have been the most active on a continuous basis.

Yesterday, Sept. 4th, Phil sent me a spot message from north of Questa, NM and I was looking at the map and trying to find out information about the area and the plants in the area and before I knew it, he was in Red River. Sometimes he travels so fast, I can't keep up and other times I find myself wondering what type of issues he is dealing with. He told me tonight (Sept. 5th) that he is in Red River, a resort town. He had people stopping at intersections taking pictures and is now set down at the fairgrounds with the horses. You know, life is good-you just have to live it.

Sept 6th found Phil just a short way out of Eagle Nest, NM. The Eagle Nest, NM chamber has a website in which a small amount of history of the area is listed.

I talked to Phil prior to him starting out this morning (Sept 7th). He said,today was cold and there was frost, the seasons are changing.

Sept. 8th,

I received Phil's "SPOT" signal about 8:00 p.m. last night and he is right close to where the pictures on this Sangres website are taken. The "SPOT" showed something about gravel pits and there are several pictures of those lakes here. The season is about right too. There was also a link to some pictures for eagle nest state park in there. I hope you enjoy the scenery as well as I did, just can't wait to see what Phil took pictures of.

No phone contact, but got his spot message about 10:000 pm; He must have went fishing!

Sept 4th

Phil has arrived into Cimarron, NM. He has had someone offer to buy Pepper, my filly, they have provided him a room at the motel-I believe it is the St. James motel according to the google map. The horses are in stalls, they have had a quick bath today at the car wash and it sounds like it was just a good day!
I thought maybe Phil had stayed near the gravel pits there in Cimarron State Park but he told me tonight that he had stayed at the Ponderosa campground, there is a picture of the campground on the website I provided yesterday. Perhaps they are close together. Phil said he would be mailing in his logs and sending his camera so that I can download the pictures he has so far. I'm excited about that, I just wish I had a camera I could send to him before his gets here so that he could continue to take pictures.

I just HAD to add this link about the St. James Hotel. Phil had told me that Jesse James had stayed there, but he hadn't said anything about Black Jack Ketchum or Buffalo Bill or Zane Gray...the list goes on, take a look!

Sept. 14th, 2010

Phil called me yesterday morning and informed me that Peppers' knee is swollen. He has contacted a vet and will see what can be done. This is a result of the injury she sustained near Collbran, Colorado.

Today, the 15th of September, Phil met up with some of his new friends from Colorado. They were on their way back home to Oklahoma and ended up having some vehicle difficulties there in New Mexico, where Phil is set up at the fairgrounds at least until the end of the week. Phil has a radio interview in the morning, and possible talking to students in school there.

Sept 17th

Phil is talking of putting on his hiking boots and having Pepper carry the saddle and putting the packs on the other two horses so that he can keep moving. He's still looking for another horse to ride or pack until Pepper can be healed up but so far has not come up with one.

Sept 22nd

Have some good news and some not so good news from Dalhart, TX!
First, the good news, Pepper does not have a chipped bone, fractured bone or infection in her knee. Phil had taken her off antibiotics on Saturday, Sept 18th when most of the swelling was gone. By Monday the knee had swollen back up, however, this time she did not seem to be lame on it. Today, Wednesday Sept. 22nd, Micheal Atha, DVM in Dalhart, TX took five xrays and the knee looks good. There is no fracture, no chip, and no infection. Pepper has some tenderness on the knee when flexed past 50%, and was told it would be okay to continue on with her with the weight and the rate they're going but optimally she needs two good weeks rest. Phil is going to try and get her that rest but by doing so, winter weather is fast approaching. Phil said he would update any changes.

Oct. 1st

Phil is in Menard, Texas with the horses. Pepper is getting some rest, Chip is enjoying chasing cows and Lane is trying to play boss. Menard, Tx was first formed as Menardville in 1858 but changed its' name to Menard at the request of the railroad. Check this website to find out the reason for the request.

Phil's Logs

Pepper is doing well, her eye is doing well. We set out of Collbran, CO and weíre now in Delta, CO. Iím waiting on a package from Outfitterís Supply, a ground tie stake and it should be in Monday. If itís not, Iíll pickup up Monday and head for Gunnison, CO, toward the New Mexico border. Iím hoping I can make that in three weeks. By the end of the week, Iíll be back in the saddle. Iím going to give her this week, let her heal up and keep wrapping her left knee. Iíll keep it wrapped the rest of the week. Iím going to get some cotton batting and telfa pads to go on the wound. What Iím doing now is putting a betadine paste on a telfa pad over the top and wrapping it with a sponge wrap, cotton wrap, vet wrap and stretchy tape wrap, it gives her good support. Iím going to walk her 10 miles a day, or as much as she can do comfortably.
Speaking of comfort, I donít get a lot of time to sit and eat a big dinner. Itís beans and bread or jerky and whatever. The problem with dry food is it makes you thirsty and you have to carry more water. Itís a toss up. Thatís probably why you never see a heavy set cowboy. If heís working, heís losing weight.
Coming into Lake City is a tough canyon, with a lot of traffic and obstacles. When I came into Lake City, it was late in the afternoon when the sheriff stopped, He was concerned that somebody might hit me, not a lot of shoulder, twisty, windy, about 45 mile an hour speed limit, with semis and different things.. The horses are getting pretty used to the distractions. We were on the edge of town when came it started to rain. The sheriff helped me over to Billís right along the highway. He had a metal shed with a concrete floor. It was full of trailers and everything else and he had a herd of about ten horses, in the field. He had a couple corrals next to the metal shed. We put the horses in the corral and brought them in one at a time and unloaded them. There was just enough room for them to stand up against the trailer, snow mobile trailer and everything. Bill, Robert and Tom were pretty impressed at how well the horses stood to get their tack taken off. I thought they were just ready for the day to end.
I sat down with two wonderful people Tom and his wonderful wife Martha, Tom, also does search and rescue for people who get lost out in the mountains. Martha is a retired art teacher. They put me in her art studio next to the house up above. They took real good care of me, I was able to get a shower every day, I sat down for two days and put shoes on the horses, got them ready for this long ride over the divide and over the Rockies. I had dinner with Martha, Donna and Bill Saturday night and we came over to the shed early Sunday morning and I was ready to go by 9:30. I had everything balanced out the day before, had my packs ready to go. Everyone had eaten and was fed well over the weekend and we headed out Sunday morning. Saturday afternoon, I went down into town and I got quite a few pictures of Lake City, Colorado. I went through the museum; there is a lot of history in this little town. It is a silver mining community, at one time this little town was the same size and maybe even a little larger than Denver, now the population is 400. When we started out, we went up hill for 15 miles. We sat down at some sheep corrals that Tom told me about; in fact Tom had gotten on the computer and lined out all my stops across the mountains. Today is a short day, about 10 miles, weíre going to stop here shortly at a waterfall-about another five miles and are going to set down at a camp. The horses are feeling good today.
About 11:15 last night, Iím camped down at the camp site on the curve, I got woke up by the horses, a bear was going through the camp area, and he was on the move.
Got up the next day and rode into a small community. Ended up spending the night, getting a shower and they put me up in a small building next door to their camp trailer, with bunk beds so I put all my gear indoors. I lined out the horses across the gravel road and got a good sleep last night and a shower. That was icing on the cake.
I got up the next day, took off again, went into South Fork, where the Texas couple had gotten me lined out with their ex-camp hosts, Jerry and his wife. They put me up in the house, in the back room. We just had a wonderful time, very nice people, and I sat down there for two days with their permission. The local newspaper came out. The next evening and we had a Texas fish barbeque with Sammy, Jerry and his wife, and John and his wife and the news reporter stayed and had fish with us. We had fried cat fish and bass-a good southern dish.
The next morning I got up and took out for Monte Vista, got to Del Norte and stayed behind Glenís Mechanic Shop outside Del Norte and once again met some really nice people. The kids went into town, bought me a steak, set up the barbeque. I cooked the steak and beans while the kids rode Chip around in the pen in back. The next day I got into Monte Vista, stopped at the grocery store, went and talked to them about water. I bucketed five gallons of water from the deli to the horses at the edge of the parking lot. I met Debbie, set my tent out in the ditch along side the road, off of the parking area, got the horses lined out and I saw a man drive in with a flat bed truck loaded with hay. He turned out to be a trainer, and he gave me a bale of hay for the night. I got up the next day and headed out toward Alamosa down 371 which turned into 368 and 370 and stayed with Willie and his family, theyíre Amish. The Amish are really good people, I could almost join. I like their lifestyle. They were so nice and polite and we talked about horses and training, until 10:00 oíclock in the evening and when we got up the next morning, one of the boys brought breakfast for me. I took my food to the house, washed up, and had breakfast with them.
The only reason they donít have power, is then their kids arenít acquainted with television, radio. These things are considered harmful to the kids. They go to school to the eighth grade and then they go to work. Usually, they go to work within the community in more of a mentor program which makes them, I believe, good in what ever they choose to do.
From there, I went into La Jara. I pulled up looking for a laundry. I found a place to set down in a vacant field, next door the owner lived. I went into town did my laundry, continued on the next day and came into Manassa, CO. (birth place of the boxer Jack Dempsey) I sat down there two days at the fair grounds. While there I met Jean, 71 year race horse trainer. We enjoyed each others company. I shod one of his race horses and his pony horse.
I took off from there, went up 142, itís not on the map. Down the Rio Grand River and out to a little border town, to Costilla, NM, and sat down there right at the edge of town, lined the horses out and someone brought me a bale of hay. A gentleman saw me come into town and he asked me what I was doing. I told him and he went and got me a bale of hay. That took care of the horses. I got up the next morning and left for the town of Questa, NM. We stayed on the edge of Questa, on Hwy 522. The next day and went across to Red River. I thought Red River would be a sleepy little town; but not by any means, it was a holiday weekend. As I came into town in the mountains, they were having their Labor Day weekend celebrations. The streets were lined with cars, not a sleepy little town at all, a resort town in the mountains. Riding down the center of the street with Chip, Lane and Pepper in tow, I stopped in at the chamber of commerce and met Diane, what a sweet heart. Diane called the police and got the police out to help and got me lined out with Dirks stable, he has 50 some horses. People rent them to ride trails in the nearby mountains. Dirk put the horses up in a paddock area, brought them plenty of alfalfa for the day and night. That evening, Diane, Don and her co-worker Diane took me to dinner in town. That evening, at dinner, she was talking to her sister and was talking about this cowboy riding across country. Her sister lives in Austin, TX, and she said ďyes I saw a clip on the Austin newsĒ, Diane said ďheís sitting across the table from me.Ē You never know whatís going to happen, or where lifeís going to take you. . After dinner, they took me home, I got a shower, and Diane did my laundry. The next morning, they took me out and got me a start, and she was in tears when I hugged her, very nice people. Diane called the newspaper and copied off the article and was going to hang it in the office. . The next morning, they took me out and got me a start, Diane was in tears when I hugged her goodbye. I know that she sent a check to the accounting firm to help transplant children-Bless you dear.
I said goodbye to Dirk and the gang at the stables. When I crossed into Costilla, I crossed the Colorado and New Mexico line and let CBS news when I was in Eagles Nest, Dirk, from the stable had called ahead and lined up a place to stay outside of Eagles Nest at a ranch north of eagles nest on the dirt road. From that, another man, LeRoy, from Red River, down the road and he took me across to the properties he cares for. Thank you LeRoy, for riding with me, your company for the afternoon was very much appreciated, you have a good year. I stayed the night at the ranch, got up and went into Eagles Nest. Some people saw me in Eagles Nest and took some pictures of me along the way. I told them I was on my way to Cimarron, that I was going to stop along the way. I stopped in Cimarron Canyon at a park. It had corrals, a man brought me two bales of hay from Eagles Nest and while I was setting up camp, Carol and Tom, that help boy scouts, came over and invited me to dinner. I got back to my tent at 11:30 last night and when I got up this morning, I decided it was time for the horses to have a break, they have hay and water and I get a chance to visit with new friends. Everyday is a little different and it is always a good day. Tomorrow, Iíll get up and head for Cimarron, Iíll take one more day off this week then I will head across 56-412, towards Springer, Abbott, Gladstone, Clayton, and then I will turn on Hwy 87 into Texas and Iíll call CBS news again.
I got a good nightsí sleep, got up, watered the horses, I gave them their feed so theyíd have a good breakfast, then went over and had breakfast and coffee with Tom and Carol. I went and got the horses, brought them over to my campsite across the road, and got a nice early start and it is now going on two oíclock. Iím coming into Cimarron, NM, where the Rocky Mountains meet the plains. I was offered to stay at Ernieís, he brought the hay for me the last two days, so Iíll get in town and give him a call and will let you know what happens.
I got set up, the horses put in a paddock area about a block away, got them watered and fed. I have my stuff put away and I went over to the St. James Hotel. The St. James Hotel has a lot of history and they have put me up for two nights. The school came over, did an interview, took some pictures and will be putting it on the internet. There are bullet holes in the ceiling from years ago, 26 people have lost their life in that bar.
I came across the line into Texas this weekend. Iíve encountered the people of Dalhart, TX. I first called in, as I was going down the street in Dalhart, I was so hungry, and Iíd already been to the feed store, trying to fill a wish list. I needed some horse shoes and I need to get these horses wormed. They came out and saw the horses and talked with me and Chris is a veteran. Chris went in and got three wormers for the horses, so now theyíve been wormed this week. From there, I rode down the street, I was just so hungry, I was going up to the fair grounds, where I stopped a police officer and a car came in and he stopped his boss and Kevin came out. Kevin told me the rules about weapons and such in the state of Texas. Texas is not an open carry state as the other states Iíve traveled through have been. You can have concealed weapons in Texas and then they told me where I could put the horses at the fair grounds and where I could pitch my tent... He went to the fairgrounds to check on some things and get me some hay. Bruce came up after work from the feed store and brought me dinner. I hadnít eaten since that afternoon. I had stopped and gotten a hamburger at McDonaldís drive through. They had a ball, they opened their window to a man on a horse in their drive through and Chip, stuck head in that air conditioned window and said hi. Customers were getting up out of their seats and looking into the kitchen so they could see the horse and pulling their cell phones out, taking pictures. Everyone was enjoying it; I went over with the horses to a parking spot at McDonaldís and ate my hamburger.
I went on out to the fairgrounds, and put the horses up, a man was going to check on some cattle and brought me two bales of hay. This morning I received a phone call from the radio station while the newspaper was out doing an interview with the paper. They put it out on radio that I needed some hay and theyíre telling my story four times a day for the next three days of the week so will be getting people coming by and helping. About an hour after he announced that I needed hay I received a phone call, a man brought a rolled bale of hay, a half of ton and sat it down across from the horses so theyíve got hay while theyíre here. Theyíve clean water and they have a run where they can be together without being hobbled or tied up. The people of Dalhart, TX are rallying, hopefully they will donate $5.00 to the kids, thatís my wish, thatís the reason I do this, for the kids. I wouldnít be out here doing this, as hard as it is, and people have no idea, when I take off, and I have an experience here, but when I am on the road, if anything happens, you may not have cell service to call a doctor or vet, I rely on my spot unit to let people know where I am at.
If, weíll see what happens to Pepper, her leg is swollen, sheís not lame on it at this point and time, but it is swollen, Iím concerned that she may have a chip from falling on her knee and tearing it as badly as she did. This incident happened a month ago in Colorado. I hope that I donít have to set her down for six months. If I do, Iíve got to get her south, down closer to Houston, so when I come back sheíll be closer to the path that Iíll be taking back across the United States, that I can pick her up in warmer weather and continue my trek. If that happens, Iíll end up with two horses. If I can cut my gear in half, and I donít know if I can do that, I havenít tried it yet, Iíll try that and if I can cut it in half and take one pack horse, if I canít , based on weight and space of two bags, I will take two pack horses and I will lead them. I will make them both pack horses and will lead them from Texas to Florida and back. Those are my options, I hope people rally with and donate to the kids.
Robin, from the newspaper has put out that I need a ride to Amarillo. I thought to get a ride to Amarillo, then to get a ride to Lubbock and then from there take shorter jaunts and people would be more apt to come to my rescue and help and come to Peppersí rescue. I received a phone call last night that I returned this morning. Mike is going to Amarillo and would give me a ride. I called him, we got things set up, weíll leave Saturday, tomorrow morning and be in Amarillo. As we got started on the trip, he was going to Lubbock; we came in this afternoon, late in the afternoon to Ralls, TX about 25 miles outside of Lubbock to the east on Hwy 82. It was a long day, about 50 miles 40 miles from Lubbock area, the trailer blew a tire. I unloaded Pepper and Lane and held them on the side of the rode while he and his son changed the tire on the trailer. We were back on the road in no time, pulled into a town, Plainview, to see if we could get a tire. Things were pretty well closed by that time so we decided to go on. He brought me into Ralls; called the sheriff dept. a man met us out at the rodeo grounds on the edge of Ralls and unlocked the gate. There are no facilities here; I have power and water for the horses and two bales of hay for the horses which they would eat if I put them in for the horses so they are on a ration now. When I came in, I was so tired and it was so hot, I was sweating and humid, I just sat down. Thereís no shade here, we said our goodbyes and Mike and his boy were headed back to Lubbock. I went to bed last night so tired, I sat up the tent and got everything put away, which I can do pretty fast now. It takes me about 30 minutes to set up the tent and stack everything inside and be ready for bed. I dumped out a water trough and put clean water in it for the horses and fed and set up my gear and I was asleep. I woke up this morning, about 8:30, it was one of the best nightís sleep Iíd had. It had been raining and foggy for a few days before and this morning it is cool, windy and almost cold because of the wind. Iíve got my winter coat on, Iíve fed the horses and Iím setting in my chair and set up my coffee-since I have water I can have coffee, boiled it and Iím setting here with my back to the wind, blue sky, about a 5 to 7 mile an hour breeze. Itíll warm up; later on I need to go into town for supplies. When I do, Iíll saddle Chip up and ride her into town. I received a phone call last night from a man, whose name was Robin. I returned it this morning; he saw the article on line and wants to help. You never know whatís going to happen. I canít get a hold of the paper here in Lubbock, being a Sunday morning, so weíll see what happens tomorrow morning if I get phone call from Robin. He was down toward Mexico, from what I understand from his voice mail, but he called about midnight last night while my phone was off, it came through this morning. I have a way to charge my phone and that is a good thing.
Well the sun is setting and it is a quarter of eight and itís Lubbock, TX, clear skies and a half of bale of hay was brought by today for the horses, that helped, theyíre fed, theyíre watered and Iím in bed.
Iím in Menard, TX, the man who gave us the half bale of hay, brought us down here so that Iíd be on schedule and be able to let that filly to rest and let that swelling go out of her knee. Iím here at a retired vets place, Iím set up, theyíre in stalls, Iíve got my tent set up next to them. Iím treating her with DMSO around the knee and bute 2 grams five days and two days off, (vet approved), theyíve got plenty of hay, they automatic waters, weíre itching to get going; weíre just waiting for it to heal. Tyler has opened this place up for me, him and Odie, I appreciate that. Itís warm during the day, cool and comfortable during the mornings, starts warming up around noon. The skies have been clear, a slight breeze and Iím getting a lot of reading done. The people in town have been awesome, I have to say that Texans are a family oriented people, theyíre horse people, they understand and theyíre very giving.
Itís Saturday and I believe itís the first of October. Iím out of cell phone service, have been since past Eden, makes it hard to communicate, but I go down to the library and get on the computer there. It allows me to send emails. I donít think people understand; when youíre out here doing this, youíre on your own, and you better have some grit. If you donít have grit and courage, youíll never make it. Youíre by yourself a lot, situations come up you have to handle. I rode Chip into town the day before yesterday and went to the laundry; of course it doesnít take very long when you only have two changes of clothes to get one pair dirty. He has a wash rack here; Iíve got to doctor yet, and probably take one or two in and give them a wash down. While Iím here too, Iím going to try to get my tack cleaned up, get that pad cleaned up so we have some clean gear to take off on again.
I had an interview with a local newspaper, a weekly newspaper; it will come out on Wednesday. My boot soles started separating and the heels were worn out. I was able to get those into a shoe repairman and Iím waiting on those, theyíll come back about Wednesday along with a new coffee pot, coming from Outfitterís Supply. As I get things rounded up, and that swelling goes down, weíll be up and running again. Iím antsy and so are they.
Tuesday, I have an interview with the radio station at 8:15. Tyler will come by and pick me up; weíll do it over the phone. He has service here, I donít.
My knife is stuck in a stump, gave Lane some more feed, heís ready to go. Pepperís knee is still swollen and Chip is ready to go. She bowed for me, sheís working and sheís ready to go.
Itís been cool all day, it looks like rain. Clouded up, itís about 6:30 in the evening. I think itís going to rain tonight.
Itís cool this morning, Monday morning. You can see your breath, I need to be moving. The swelling hasnít gone completely down on Pepperís leg. Itís just hanging in there. Iím treating it with DMSO and 2 grams of bute a day for the swelling and pain. She doesnít have much pain. I can bend her leg now; sheís getting her action back in it. Iíve got a list to fill this morning, my wish list, maybe I can get some of that done and a little bit of food at the grocery store. Tyler and Odie have been outstanding, Iíve set down up here at the stalls and the horses have been well fed, they have a couple of bags of pellets donated. I need to reset Peppers front shoes before we get going. Iíve been hanging a bit in Laneís mouth. I might need him as a rider; I figured Iíd better start him. I need to knock the weight down some more if I can, Iíll work at that this week and see if I canít balance those bags and lighten the weight. The temperatures during the day have been still staying warm, but I need to be headed east. Iíve been anxious since I got here to get going. Iíll go out and see if I can fill some things today. Pepper has a couple of small galls on her back, sheís filling out, those should go away soon, the knee is looking good, but the swelling isnít completely down yet.
I got up this morning and took a shower in the wash rack, cleaned up a little bit and changed clothes. Iím going in to do laundry and pick up a few things at the grocery store. What I exist on are tortilla shells, some bologna, cheese, thought I might get a head of lettuce based on the price. When I get back, Iíll clean some stalls, read a little bit. I gave them some extra pellets at noon, and Iíll hang that bit in Laneís mouth again for a couple of hours. I donít want him to chew it too much, it creates problems. It puts sharp points on the bit that need to be filed down.
Iíve been contemplating taking Pepper for a little walk; itís about a mile into town. I can tie her there and let her graze a little bit. See how sheís walking, give her another five days. My boots are in San Angelo getting fixed.
Iíve got three hawks out here hunting, circling. Maybe Iíll take Chip out down a quarter of a mile or so, and let her play with the cows.
Iíll go in town again on Wednesday. I contacted Outfitterís Supply, theyíre sending me a coffee pot and it should be in on Tuesday and hopefully the knee wraps will come from Patty and Iíll gear up to get going. If the swelling is not down, I donít know what Iím going to do yet, but I need to be moving. I may need to just leave Pepper and let her heal.
I donít know at this point if I can take one pack horse and leave my other two packs here or not, but Iíll find out by the end of the week. When I get down to the library, Iíll try to call up as much as I can about maps and ways to get across Nevada where Iíve got water.
Iím trying not to go into California until the Northern part. If I go into the southern part, I donít see how I can get across, not yet.
Odie picked me up this morning and ran me down to Tyler Wrightsí realty. The radio station called me did an interview, getting the word out. As people find out about children with long term illnesses like organ transplants, hopefully theyíll come and help.
These Texans could fill that thermometer with a couple of dollars a piece.
Itís Thursday morning, it was a little cool this morning when I got up. Iíll go down to the post office this morning and see if my packages came in. I had a coffee pot break and I have some winter clothes coming from Idaho. I just checked that knee on Pepper, itís still swollen. Iím thinking I need to just start running her, just donít work her too hard, start out easy and see where that goes. I need to start making some distance; Iíve been antsy since I got here. These people have been extremely nice, Odie and his family and Tyler, his boy, extremely nice people. Iím going to have to get my packs out today and start getting them lined out, start getting them ready to go.
My backs been hurting a little bit, my lower back, I broke it years ago, when it goes out on me, I canít get out of bed. It hasnít gone out in several years; I hope it doesnít go out now. While Iím in town Iíll see if I can get a few items. I need some shoes and nails.
I got up early this morning about 7:00 and got everyone something to eat. Iím anxious to get going. Iím sweating Peppers knee, itís Saturday, Iíll wash it down, hydrate it see if I can get some of that swelling out of there.
Tyler took my boots and got soles and heels put on them that was a big help. My soles were separating, coming unsown, and my heels were gone, up on the nail heads. Weíve got weather coming in. Itís supposed to come in on Monday, today is Saturday. Iíll bring Lane in tomorrow and wash him down. I need to wash saddle blankets and get them ready to go.
I planned to be here two weeks that comes up on Tuesday. I was hoping to make up a little time. I have about 1500 miles to go to the coast and itís going to take me every bit from here to January. I think Iím going to be into the first part of February to do my turn around and thatís going to put me late. Itíll be March, April, and May getting back into Texas to about where Iím at now and from there, Iím in a push. If I canít make Seattle in time, I havenít figured out what Iím going to do yet.

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