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This year, 2009, Phil is rode solo with his mare and pack mule. This gave others the opportunity to meet up with him and ride a short distance with the "Ride America" project.


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Phil Dawson completed his Ride America 2009 project in late September when he rode back into Hagerman, Idaho with PBS and CBS documenting his return home.

Newspapers interviewed Phil and the CBS television station did an update in Lewiston. PBS is doing a documentary of the remainder of Phil's ride. He is traveling along the Lewis and Clark Trail and this is the bicentennial year of the trail and activities associated with the trail.

The people Phil has met on his trip have been very accomadating and have assisted him in his route mapping. Although he had the general route mapped out, it is always helpful to have local input as to what are the best trails to use.

Phil is in the process of planning the activity for 2010 and working on some of his other projects that have been put by the wayside while he has been gone.
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