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Please consider scheduling a horseback riding event to assist America Fundraisers, Inc. raise the monies for the children in America that are preparing for an organ transplant. You can also assist by becoming an organ donor-it's simple and it's free.

The trail starts here!

Have you ever known somebody that has given without any thought of getting anything in return? Someone who has given someone else a chance at life? I know these kinds of people and I admire them tremendously, but I'm a baby when it comes to pain so I have gone with the option of donating my organs for after I'm no longer with you all. I've read articles where different ones are needing bone marrow transplants and I know that I could be checked for compatibility but I haven't gotten up the nerve to do so yet. I know that these transplant operations are not cheap. The insurance runs out and then the individual has to wait to be able to receive insurance benefits again-if they make it that long. If you, or someone you know would like to help out, first consider becoming a donor. If you don't feel that you are able to do that, consider helping these people with your donation. A $2.00 donation from 250,000 different people could make a difference in a few peoples lives!


Photos from our trips are available for purchase from America Fundraisers, Inc. The page for ordering are still under construction so if you are wanting to purchase one of the photos below please call or email us and we will get one sent off to you within a week after payment. Thank you.

trail preparation pickup and trailer used for ride america Kansas campsite view a Harley in Washington, KS? The train in Mankato, KS
Statue at St. JO, MO St. Joseph, MO info in statue Welcome to Mark Twain Territory! hotshoeing Jet just before Hannibal, MO hotshoeing billy in Taylorville, IL
Six hours of rain Fire Fox KOA grounds Deer alongside campgrounds Phil and Billy leaving camp for the day playing disc golf