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    After Ride America 2008, we arrived at our destination of Pocahontas State Park on October 7th and we returned with a few changes in mind. Phil is already planning the schedule for next year. I will be doing something a little different. We have several ways in which others can become involved.

    Phil completed the Ride America 2009 record setting, 100 year pack trip on Sept. 23rd. Well ahead of schedule. He has already began work on his next project, plus laying the ground work for Ride America 2010.


    Phil Dawson, owner of K.E. TRAINING and CEO of America Fundraisers, INC. is in the process of scheduling his next summer. He will be available to do talks and demonstrations from Bits to Behavior. Entry horse people to advanced. Problem Solving and New Starting techniques. The talks are based on what the audiance wants to know about training techniques. Call Phil at 1-208-841-2215.

    Pending events being scheduled at this time: